08 December, 2016

My latest Painting

Years back when we had our Victorian farmhouse we had several geese and other farm animals. This  painting of my goose reminds me of our old goose Bill. When we sold our old farmhouse we had to let Bill go along with all the others...the funny thing about this is a women came in a Volkswagen bug to pick up Bill also including our pet turkey...I can still hear them as they drove down the long dirt driveway, Bill honking and the turkey gobbling in the back of that bug...I miss those days at the Victorian Farmhouse and all those animals. 

Bill our goose

Our old Victorian Farmhouse Built in1887
Sat on 2 acres 

In pond~Bill and Brobbie 2 of our geese. 
We had 6 all together.


lala said...

Beautiful painting of a beautiful animal. Your victorian was truly lovely - I can understand why it was difficult to leave.

lala said...

This is such a sweet painting of a goose - love the soft colors.