25 June, 2008

My Father

My Dad has became ill this past year and as the weekends come I look forward to spending precious times with him. He's always been my buddy and when I was growing up I'd spend the day in his garage fiddling around watching and helping him make creative projects .
All grown up now - on weekends we hit all the good garage sales, antiquing shops to find a treasure only then to go home and restore it back to it's natural state, ( well he dose) I paint mine white or pink.!


Patina said...

I am so sorry to hear about your father's health. This is such a hard time in life.
I saw your home featured in Romantic Homes today and thought of you. I think it was Romantic Homes. Anyway, it looked just lovely. Take care! Debbie

Sherry Williams said...

I hope your Father is doing well, Cindy. I understand how difficult it is to watch your Father get weaker & weaker. My thoughts and prayers are with and your family dear.
Love & Hugs,

Amy at Rose Hill said...

Dear Cindy,

It sounds like your dad is such a blessing in your life and I wish you much peace and joy during this difficult time. Please know that your gorgeous work is loved and admired! You are such an inspiration and I enjoyed the Romantic magazine that recently featured your lovely home! Best wishes----Amy in Iowa