08 December, 2016

My latest Painting

Years back when we had our Victorian farmhouse we had several geese and other farm animals. This  painting of my goose reminds me of our old goose Bill. When we sold our old farmhouse we had to let Bill go along with all the others...the funny thing about this is a women came in a Volkswagen bug to pick up Bill also including our pet turkey...I can still hear them as they drove down the long dirt driveway, Bill honking and the turkey gobbling in the back of that bug...I miss those days at the Victorian Farmhouse and all those animals. 

Bill our goose

Our old Victorian Farmhouse Built in1887
Sat on 2 acres 

In pond~Bill and Brobbie 2 of our geese. 
We had 6 all together.

30 September, 2016

Vintage Garden House

This beauty 'Vintage Garden Display Glass House' is complete.

I just LOVE how this one turned out with table stand including wheels for easy moving. We added a cherub chandelier which lights up so beautifully adding a special glow to your seasonal decor in this amazing glass house.

This beauty is available and is one of a kind... 
We do have more in the makings that will be available soon. 

Our garden houses have been purchased for: 

Shop Displays, 
Vintage Flea-Markets
Personal use-Home Gardens and Porches. 

Email us to inquire more information at:

Thank you for visiting us
Blessings, Cindy and Bob

Complete with table stand and wheels 

Victorian fretwork detail

Cherub chandelier adds beauty to the opening 
Perfect for displaying your seasonal decor

Looking through the window

Old windows finishes it off
This garden house makes a impression on its own

Perfect for displaying flea market shows

Stay tune for our other designs...

10 September, 2016

In the studio

Nothing like coming home from a long summer trip and deciding on what treaured finds we picked up along the way to paint on...

Thank you for visting...
Blessings, Cindy

08 September, 2016

Vintage display garden houses

Love this vintage garden display house built by my Bobby years back. We have loads of old windows, old tin and architectural pieces sitting around and we decided better make use in creating new designs...
 I will post more photos to you as we continue to work on new designs.

Below in this photo were Working on a new design and deciding on style... we want of vintage Chippy look for this one.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned as we continue to work on a few new designs. 
Blessings, Cindy and Bob

30 August, 2016

New Vintage shop addition coming soon

Since our travels we have found many awesome vintage fine treasures and we are planning on building another mini shop right outside my studio. We look forward to creating this and sharing it with you... Stay tune as we begin to build this fall.
In this picture below is my amazing vintage garden house my Bobby built for me years back, which we are so honored and grateful to of been featured in many magazines.

On our FB page you can view our video of our garden house 
Thanks for visiting blessings to all, Cindy And Bob

27 August, 2016

'Romantic Painted Rose Pendants'

LOVE working from Vintage pieces in creating 'Romantic Painted Rose Pendants'.
I came across some old vintage watches and I'm working on painting roses inside the centers. 
More pictures coming soon for purchasing... 
Wishing you all, Blessings for a beautiful day

ℑhank ツou for visiting ❥

25 August, 2016

Paintings done while traveling the past year.

A few of my Paintings I've done while traveling the road for the past year. I love painting on the road...It's so peaceful and inspiring to me.
These paintings will be available in prints soon...
Love painting from vintage postcards finds

Love the Raspberry pink's in this painting 

ℑhank ツou ❥ for visiting... Blessings, Cindy 

17 August, 2016

Enjoying the good life of retirement

 In the past two years since Bob my husband retired we been enjoying the good life of traveling, hitting some amazing vintage flea market shows, shops to beautiful site seeing and much relaxation.
We truly are loving this new adventure in our lives. 
Below is some of our past stops. Sharing our journey with you.
Blessings, Cindy & Bob

Great finds

Love this old house we came apon

 Adorable white vintage truck 

ℑhanks for visiting...
       See you next time